Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quick update!

Hello! It's been a bit since I've updated the blog. There isn't really a whole lot to let you know about at this point. There are a few things in motion now that I will be letting you know about, and asking for your help with in the next couple of weeks, though-so please stay tuned!!

My class is halfway over-we graduate June 22, 2010! I'm planning on having the store open by mid-September. I know, I know-why so long? Well, I want to have everything as close to perfect as I can before I open, of course!
I'm 95% sure I have my location, but I'll be keeping that a secret for now, until it's 100% ;)

please feel free to contact me! I have a Fan Page on Facebook: Scrap Your World
I also have set up a temporary email address for the store as well:

That's all for now! Thanks for following! :)